We're thrilled to announce broadcast dates & times for PBS stations in New York!

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More coming soon!

More coming soon!

More coming soon!

We're in the New York State Museum!

It's an honor to have an exhibit about our film and to be able to share this amazing story in the New York State Museum in Albany, New York. Special thanks to Museum Director Mark Schaming and Curator Jennifer Lemak for creating this amazing exhibit and for hosting a screening and Q&A.

Please come to the museum and check it out!

Great Albany Screening

We had nearly 400 people show up on Friday, November 12th for our screening with the amazing New York State Writers Institute at the Downtown campus of the University at Albany. Photos by Patrick Dodson

WAMC Podcasts

Amy Godine, historian and curator of the Dreaming of Timbuctoo exhibit; Paul Miller, director and producer of the upcoming film Searching for Timbuctoo; Dr. Hadley Kruczek-Aaron, director of the Timbuctoo Archeology Project; and Russell Banks, bestselling author of Cloudsplitter.